I refer to these shoots as empowerment sessions because that's exactly how you end up feeling! I have received so much feedback from women and men saying they cried upon receiving their images, because they had never felt so beautiful before. Let me tell you right now; you ARE beautiful and you should ALWAYS feel completely and utterly stunning! We are all different in our own unique ways and that's what makes Embrace what makes That scar on your leg you got from falling out of a tree as a kid; that's a story. You love knitting? Lets put some knitting needles in your hair, drape some yarn seductively from your fingers, and make your session reflect who you are. Or maybe you have birthmarks, which a friend of mine lovingly calls natural tattoos. Let's show em off!

I have and will always embrace diversity. It's part of what makes each and every one of us magnificent. I once had someone tell me, "never forget that you are always worth more to the world than what you may see in the mirror. You are pretty, intelligent, interesting, and charming...own that shit!"

I'm here to help you own yours.