Hi Love!

My name is Sarah and welcome to a little piece of my heart and soul.

Time with me will be full of laughs and good conversation. I don't have "clients". Instead, I have friends and amazing people that I create magic with and I may or may not shove you into a bush or pretend that there's a color changing duck on your head to get the perfect shot. Both have happened.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a part of something meaningful and I looked for it in so many places to no avail. I finally found it in showing people how stunning they truly are and giving them the self confidence they didn't know they had. I found it in capturing two people being "completely and incandescently happy" and I'm eternally grateful to be allowed into people's lives. I will forever be in love with capturing the beauty that is this world, from tender touches to sun rays glimmering on dust particles in the setting sun, through a combination of fine art and moody essence. I want the everyday to be dramatic because it’s something special and not to be taken for granted. I always say that life is a good enough reason to get dressed up and your memories frozen in time should be nothing less.

Other Random Tidbits

I'm a fur mumma to the most perfect cat named Paintbrush who usually ends up going by his nickname of Skizz. He always makes me laugh and I never knew you could love a little floof so much. The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning will always be a cherished experience and I'm a huge movie nerd with some of my faves being Lord of The Rings and the 1999 version of The Mummy. I even have every ticket stub from each movie i've ever seen in theaters laminated and in order by date. I wasn't kidding! I simply love to travel and want to see EVERYTHING! Lazy days on the beach will always be a favorite summer activity (yes, laying on the beach is an activity) and time shared with family and friends will always be time well spent.